Coin Supplies

Coin Supplies - APMEX stocks an extensive selection of gold and silver coin supplies for you to protect, store, and organize your coins and currency. We carry a wide range of products from Air Tites to Dansco albums and official U.S. Mint presentation boxes—all at competitive prices.

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Coin Supplies Products

Presentation Boxes

Air-Tite Holders

Cloth Money Bags

Coin Albums

Presentation Boxes
(Australian Lunar)

Coin Storage Boxes

Precious Metals Books

2013 Red Book

Coin Dip and Protectors

Coin Flips

Coin Tubes

Bar Storage Boxes

HE Harris Coin Holders

Magnifiers / Loupes

Presentation Boxes
(U.S. Mint)

Silver Round & Bar Containers

Snap-Tite Coin Holders

Gift Boxes & Capsules
(1 oz Silver Rounds & Bars)

14K Gold Coin Bezels

14K Gold Bar Bezels

Sterling Silver Coin Bezels

Holiday Coin Holders

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