Commemorative Coins - Commemorative coins have been minted since the days of the early Greeks and the Romans, but no nation has surpassed the splendor and the beauty of the designs of American commemorative coins. From the first commemorative coins issued for the 1892-1893 World’s Columbian Exposition to the modern commemorative coins of today, the diversity of themes and designs is unmatched. Some of the most talented sculptors of their day have designed these coins.

      Commemorative coins in the United States were issued to honor significant historical events and noteworthy people from American history. That fact alone gives commemorative coins an appeal that attracts collectors all over the country, well beyond just those interested in numismatics. In the classic commemorative coin series (1892 to 1954), there are 50 different design types and 144 different date and mintmark combinations. Many collectors attempt to complete either or both of these sets. A worthy endeavor!

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Commemoratives Products

2011 Presidents Cup Coins
(Gold & Silver)

Early U.S. Commemoratives

Early U.S. Commemoratives Certified

100th Anniversary of the Titanic
(April 15th)

Modern Commemoratives
(1/2 Dollars)

Modern Commemoratives
(Silver Dollars)

Modern Commemoratives
($5 Gold Coins)

Modern Commemoratives
($10 Gold Coins)

2011 Medal of Honor Commemorative Coins

Bulk Modern U.S. Commemoratives
(Gold & Silver)

Perfect 70 U.S. Commemoratives

First Spouse Commemoratives
(2011 & Prior)

Modern Commemoratives
(2 Coin Sets)

Misc. Commemoratives
(Coin & Currency Sets)

Royal Canadian Mint

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