Silver Dollars

Silver dollars are the most popular general circulation silver coins produced by the U.S. Mint. APMEX’s vast silver dollar coin collection includes a variety of Early Dollars, Liberty Seated Dollars, Morgan Dollars, Trade Dollars, Peace Dollars, and many more.

Released in 1794, the first silver dollar featured the Flowing Hair design created by Robert Scot. The most popular of all silver dollars is the Morgan Dollar, considered the most important and widely-collected silver coin in U.S. history.

Silver dollars are a favorite collector item because of their size, beauty and availability.

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Silver Dollars Products

Early Silver Dollars

Liberty Seated Dollars

Trade Dollars

Morgan Dollars

Certified Morgan Dollars

GSA Silver Dollars

Morgan Dollars
(1921 - The Final Year)

Peace Dollars

Certified Peace Dollars

Bulk Silver Dollars

Silver Dollars by the Bag
(Morgan & Peace)

Morgan & Peace Dollars
(VAM Varieties)

Attractively Toned Silver Dollars
(& Other Coins)

Silver Dollars
(PCGS Stage Coach Series)

PCGS Low Ball Registry Coins

Stickered Dollars
(Vintage Advertising Coins)

Eisenhower Dollars

Certified Eisenhower Dollars

Sacagawea & Native American Dollars

Dollars by the Roll

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