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Morning Gold & Silver Market Report - 4/23/2012

by Peter LaTona April 23, 2012
GOLD PRICES FALL ALONG WITH STOCK FUTURES   European concerns again are taking center stage, as attention is focused on the French presidential election and the potential political and economic collapse in the Netherlands. In France, Socialist leader Francois Hollande won the first round... [more]

Closing Gold & Silver Market Report - 4/20/2012

by Brandi Brundidge April 20, 2012
GOVERNMENTS COMMIT TO BOOST INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND   There was little afternoon movement in Precious Metals prices, following the day’s trends. Gold’s price was stable throughout the day with the anticipation from investors of next week’s Federal Reserve policy meeting, along with t... [more]

Mid–Day Gold & Silver Market Report – April 20, 2012

by Peter LaTona April 20, 2012
WILL ECONOMY RELAPSE IN SPRING?    Some of the same factors that interrupted the economic recovery in 2010 and 2011 are beginning to fuel concerns that this past winter’s good economic news might soon fade. The yields on European bonds are beginning to climb. As the European debt cr... [more]

Morning Gold & Silver Market Report – 4/20/2012

by Ryan Schwimmer April 20, 2012
FRENCH ELECTION: WILL NEXT PRESIDENT PLAY NICE WITH GERMANY?  Gold has extended gains from yesterday as investors are focused on a pivotal election in France. Incumbent President Nicolas Sarkozy’s chances of being re-elected are dwindling, and many investors are afraid that his replacement co... [more]

Closing Gold & Silver Market Report 04/19/2012

by John Foster April 19, 2012
BULLION PRICES DIP IN EUROPE; CLOCK TICKING ON BANK RULE   Concerns over the American job market and questionable European debt pushed Gold to a fifth consecutive loss in European trading Thursday. Disappointing jobless data for the United States and fears over France’s debt rating pushe... [more]

Mid-Day Gold & Silver Market Report – 4/19/2012

by Timothy Oakes April 19, 2012
DOLLAR GAINS; EURO CONCERNS DEEPEN  Precious metals had their share of volatility this morning. The dollar is again on the rise due to the volatility of the eurozone. Daniel Briesmann said, “Gold is moving in line with 'riskier' asset classes, and given higher risk aversion and growing uncert... [more]

Morning Gold & Silver Market Report – 4/19/2012

by Ryan Schwimmer April 19, 2012
EUROZONE CONCERNS WEIGH ON EURO, OIL, GOLD   Gold and Silver prices are down slightly this morning, thanks to falling oil prices and a stronger United States dollar. Earnings reports are giving U.S.A. stock futures a boost, with many major companies coming in ahead of expectations. David... [more]

Closing Gold & Silver Market Report 4/18/2012

by Brandi Brundidge April 18, 2012
ANALYST SEES MARKET AS ‘ACCIDENT PRONE’   Precious metals prices remained down across the board, following morning and midday trends. Asia’s physical demand for Gold is down now. James Steel, chief commodity analyst at HSBC, said, “The lack of physical demand in Asia was an issue. We hav... [more]

Mid-Day Gold and Silver Report – 4/18/2012

by Nicholas Wilsey April 18, 2012
GOLD HAS SHINING FIRST QUARTER; MAJOR TEST FOR U.S.A. AWAITS   Gold had a big first quarter of 2012. Many investors decided to change to commodities based exchange traded funds due to global growth. The European debt crisis also had an effect on the metal. Gold, at $3.6 billion in invest... [more]

Morning Gold & Silver Market Report – 4/18/2012

by Timothy Oakes April 18, 2012
SPAIN, ITALY SEEM TO BE SLIPPING BACKWARD     Precious metals prices are lower this morning due to pressure on currencies from worries in the eurozone, and there’s a feeling of complacency about metals ahead of next week’s Federal Open Market Committee meeting. UBS’s Edel Tully said,... [more]

News and Commentaries

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