Interior Gateway Protocol (IGP) Parameters

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0 Shortest Path First (SPF) algorithm based on link metric. This is the standard shortest path algorithm as computed by the IGP protocol. Consistent with the deployed practice for link-state protocols, Algorithm 0 permits any node to overwrite the SPF path with a different path based on its local policy. [RFC-ietf-ospf-segment-routing-extensions-24]
1 Strict Shortest Path First (SPF) algorithm based on link metric. The algorithm is identical to Algorithm 0 but Algorithm 1 requires that all nodes along the path will honor the SPF routing decision. Local policy at the node claiming support for Algorithm 1 MUST NOT alter the SPF paths computed by Algorithm 1. [RFC-ietf-ospf-segment-routing-extensions-24]
2-127 Unassigned
128-255 Flexible Algorithms (TEMPORARY - registered 2018-06-06, expires 2019-06-06) [draft-ietf-lsr-flex-algo]