Google Analytics

Advanced Segments

Segmentation of visits so that you can create powerful filters with just a few mouse-clicks.


One of the most popular and powerful features in Google Analytics is Advanced Segmentation. It lets you isolate and analyze subsets of your traffic. You can select from predefined segments such as "Paid Traffic" and "Visits with Conversions" or create your own segments with a flexible, easy-to-use segment builder. Then, you can apply one or more of these segments to current or historical data, and even compare segment performance side by side in reports. We think you'll love it.


  • Advanced Segmentation lets you break down all your Google Analytics visitor data into manageable chunks.
  • Select from predefined custom segments or easily create your own.
  • Apply a segment to all past traffic so you can dig into your data and get valuable insights to improve your future campaigns and online experiences.