Google Analytics


Annotations let users leave shared or private notes right on the graphs. No more issues forgetting what caused unusual traffic spikes or behaviour in the past - its all stored for you.


Do you ever wonder about an inexplicable change in your traffic? Or forget exactly when you launched something, such as a seasonal display ad campaign, or a site redesign? Do you remember exactly who was responsible? After scratching your head, did you have to chase down different departments in your company or go digging through old emails to get an answer?

Why use annotations?

A simple note from a colleague can save hours of real work (and frustration). Try them now in your account.

  • Use Annotations as a logbook for all online marketing and website design actions within your business.
  • Remember which events may have caused conversions or visits to increase or decrease.
  • Keep an uninterrupted record even if you have multiple marketing teams, agencies, or webmasters.