Google Analytics

Attribution Modeling

72% of marketers and agencies surveyed agree that marketing attribution enables better budget allocation across channels and better returns.* The Attribution Modeling tool in Google Analytics Premium makes it easy to create and compare models so you can improve your future marketing activities.


Give credit to all of your digital marketing channels with Attribution Modeling. By building, customizing, and comparing models, you'll gain insight into the impact of your various marketing programs as they work together to drive sales and conversions. Then you can create budgets based on more realistic values, run more balanced marketing campaigns, and improve your results.


  • It works with the Goals and Ecommerce data you’re already tracking in Google Analytics. No additional setup required.
  • Create, adjust, and customize attribution models in minutes -- no lengthy setup consultations or “black box” implementations.
  • Compare values across channels, including paid and organic search, email, affiliate marketing, display ads, mobile placements, and more.
  • The percentage change metric lets you compare values across models for different channels, referral sources, campaigns, keywords, and other dimensions.
  • View up to 3 models side-by-side to quickly capture value differences.
  • Use the custom model builder to easily define credit-weighting rules based on position, type of interaction, traffic source, campaign, specific keywords, site engagement, and more.
  • See data instantly in the easy-to-use interface.