Google Analytics

Multi-Channel Funnels

Move beyond the last click -- see how your marketing channels work together to create sales and conversions.


Your customers research, compare, and make purchase decisions at different times and in different places, so measuring return solely based on the last click gives an incomplete picture and potentially misses important insights about how you reach your most valuable customers.

Multi-Channel Funnels in Google Analytics let you look at interactions across different digital media and show how these channels work together to create sales and conversions. More important, this tool helps you make crucial marketing decisions regarding advertising investments at the macro level -- what channels -- as well as the micro level, for example what keywords and ad placements.

How does it work?

The five Multi-Channel Funnels reports show what channels customers interacted with during the 30 days before conversion or purchase. These reports provide valuable metrics such as:

  • Assisted conversions reveals how and when different channels had an impact on conversion
  • Time lag helps understand time to conversion
  • Path length shows you the number of interactions before a conversion
  • Top conversion paths illustrates the routes your customers take

Why use Multi-Channel Funnels?

  • View all of your digital marketing channels in one place
  • Better understand the value of your marketing efforts
  • See a complete picture of the steps your customers take before purchasing or converting
  • Improve your marketing based on channel performance
  • Make the right digital marketing budgeting decisions

Customer success story


"Multi-Channel Funnels now gives us visibility into how customers reach our site and convert--from all our channels. It allows us to do attribution analysis on our online marketing activities, looking at them as combinations of channels and steps of varying success, rather than last-clicked channels in isolation."