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Social Conversions

Proving social media ROI is a difficult task even for experienced online marketing professionals. No longer. The Conversions report enables social media marketing accountability - and clearly shows how social impacts your business.

Social Conversions


The Conversions report shows conversion rates and the monetary value of conversions that occurred due to visits from social networks. We link these visits to your goals and Ecommerce transactions. You choose the goals which are important to your business and then can review how social as a source is helping you achieve those goals.

Why use the Conversions report?

With so many marketing channels and programs understanding their effect on your goals lets you make informed decisions about your social strategy.

  • See the impact of social on your goals in simple, ready-to-use reports
  • Learn what content drives conversions with social audiences
  • Show results reports to key stakeholders to articulate the value of social

How does it work?

  • The Conversions Report uses the referral source and links directly to the goals and Ecommerce tracking you’ve defined
  • The reports break out the contribution of social as being the last referring source of your customer e.g. they came to your site directly from a social site, and can also break out the instances where a social site was involved further up in the conversion chain.

Where can I find it?

The Conversions report can be found in the Standard Reporting tab under Traffic Sources > Social > Conversions.