Google Analytics

Social Sources

The number of social platforms continues to expand, and where you choose to spend time to engage the community can makes a big difference. Social Sources reports help you refine where you spend time and move your social tactics from "gut feel" to data-driven.

Social Sources


See which social networks and sites refer the highest quality traffic so you can refine social campaigns.

Why use Social Sources?

We’ve done the work for you: all your social traffic is now in one convenient place.

  • Get an overview of key social networks for your brand
  • See which networks are sending you traffic
  • Visualize how visitors flow from social networks through your site
  • Use social sources to discover which social platforms are most relevant to your site

How does it work?

Google Analytics traffic sources reports let you measure and analyze traffic from different sources like search or referrals. The Social Sources reports automatically segment and group referral traffic from hundreds of social networks, allowing you to focus on the analysis.

  • Originating social networks group referral traffic across platforms - e.g. YouTube
  • Identify which networks are driving traffic to any specific page
  • Identify which content is popular across all the different social networks
  • Comparison charts display all traffic and traffic from social sources

Where do I find it?

The Social Sources report can be found in the Standard Reporting tab under Traffic Sources > Social > Sources.