Seattle CDROM Design and Seattle CDROM Development

The CDROM is the grandfather of internet multimedia and in some ways it is still more powerful. Information can be transmitted from CDROM to the user at a far quicker rate than it can through the Internet. This makes the CDROM a great place to store information for a wide variety of purposes.

Seattle CDROM Design and Seattle CDROM Development Training Applications:

A CDROM is the preferred method to distribute corporate training. The training application can be written in Macromedia FlashMX, Macromedia Authorware or Designed for a custom purpose. The CDROM is often the preferred method of creating corporate training because it can hold a large amount of information, including video files that audio that could be hard to transfer through Internet Connections. The same information created for the corporate web site can be redistributed on the CDROM and augmented with additional multimedia, too large to transfer through the internet.

Seattle CDROM Design and Seattle CDROM Development Audio and Video

Full-screen video requires data and bandwidth to be viewed clearly. Few computers have a connection to the Internet capable of transmitting quality audio and video. CDROM and DVDs remain the dominant method of transferring audio and video data along with accompanying information.

Seattle CDROM Design or Seattle CDROM Development Marketing Material

A marketing CDROM is great collateral material for a sales presentation. It is cheap to create and it allows the customer instant access to important information. The CDROM provides an immediate impact. Every company wants to present a sophisticated, professional image has a greater initial impact than brochures or business cards.

Seattle Web  Design and Seattle Web Design CDROM Design

I design every CDROM around the expectation of my client. A CDROM should not only present a professional image, it should be easy to use, and targeted at customer business goals.

CDROM Design CDROM Development

I have developed CDROMs in as little as two weeks or as long as several months. I never develop CDROMs without constant input from the customer. The customer is presented with several graphical layouts and a plan for how all informatio

Seattle CDROM Design and Seattle CDROM Development Links:

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