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Seattle Web Design and Seattle Web Development

Seattle Web Design & Seattle Web Development My name is Michael Long. I am a long haul trucker on the Information Super Highway, a multifaceted new media professional. I developed my first web site in 1995 at Indiana University. In 1995 web sites were little more than text and simple HTML code. I was lucky enough to pick up a few small clients along the way to make money while learning about the Internet in school.

The graphic design department had just created an introductory course in web development (one of the first of its kind). At the Internet Boom went into full swing students like myself began to think that the Internet was paved with gold. For a while it was.

I pushed my small web development business for several years until, in 1996, I got my first real job. I moved to Seattle and started contracting at Microsoft. I could not believe how lucky I was, and how long it would be till Microsoft realized that I could not find my “ass with a map.” I managed to hold onto my Microsoft contract for two and a half fun filled years. I became a specialist in creating web integrations of streaming media (audio and video online).

When I left Microsoft, I created Overdrive Media, small professional services company that built streaming media web applications for some of the best known companies of the golden age of the Internet. I worked for Sonic Foundry, Rare Medium, Atom Films, Encoding.com and numerous now defunct startups. The web moved from simple client side code toward full scale applications, data-bases of available information and dazzling multimedia.

Today Web Design is no longer a path to instant wealth and a picture in fast company. The Internet has grown and matured, relieving many of lucrative jobs and investments. The good news is that people still need highly qualified geeks. I concentrate on building web sites that use the newest technologies .net, php and FlashMX. I also have 8 years of experience that have created my web design goals and philosophy.

Seattle Web Design | Seattle Web Development Web Design Goals:

1. Fullfill customer expectations to the greatest extent possible
2. Create a site that is visually attractive and professional
3. Create a site that is easy to find and attracts users and search engines

Seattle Web Design : Seattle Web Development Web Design Philosophy:

I limit the number and type of clients that I accept. Having has some success in the past few years I prefer to focus my efforts on projects that I can lead to solid profitability. More than anything I want my clients to succeed. Internet success can only be built through a combination of technology, marketing strategy, and understanding of the process. Despite what the SPAM in your inbox may say there is no quick and easy road to profitability. The surest way to achieve success is to start with a realistic goal and follow a plan to achieve that goal.

Seattle Web Design ^ Seattle Web Development Web Design Links:

The Seattle Area is a great place to work if you are an information industry professional. The Seattle area not only offers beautiful mountain vistas it also offers a wide array of resources. Here are a few of my favorite Seattle web design resources along with sites outside of Seattle.

Seattle Web Design Links:

Graphic Artists Guild: A great place to find Information about Seattle Web Design and Development.
Washington Software Alliance: The best technical resource in Washington, offering classes and SIGs (special interests groups) throughout the week.
Cool Home Pages: The best of the best in Web Design
ArtSource: The best damn contract Agency on Planet Earth. I get most of my contracts through the fine folks at Art Srouce. They represent numerous designers including (graphic designers, 3D artists, information architects, web designers and web developers).

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